Preparing your Home for Photos

Thank you for choosing Picture Perfect MLS, LLC.  Our goal is to help present your home in the best way possible.  In order to give your home the best appearance these are the recommended guidelines that we suggest for the best possible results.  These guidelines are applicable to home showings also. The Photographers are not required to do these steps, We ask you to perpare the home for the Photographer.  The first two items are the most important:  

 1. Clean and dust very well  

2. De-clutter – try to remove at least half the books, knick-knacks, toys, keepsakes, awards, ALL family photos, kitchen items, off season clothes (makes closets seem more spacious), etc.  This also applies to pieces of furniture in smaller spaces (removing pieces that make a room feel tight or cramped).  

3. When planning to list your home near any holiday, plan with photography in mind.  Either schedule the photography before decorating, or after the decorations are put away.  (No matter what holiday, decorations in the photos date the home and your listing).  

4. Remove any large portrait, photographs or paintings (especially over mantles or in main living spaces) and replace with more neutral art

5. Remove and/or secure valuables

6. Remove and/or secure medications

 7. Turn all lights on (it will be the discretion of the photographer which lights should be turned off)

8. Replace all burnt out bulbs

9. Consider using newer generation fluorescent bulbs that are white-light or daylight in color

10. Turn off all ceiling fans (don’t forget to dust these too)

11. De-clutter and dust fireplace mantles

12. Minimize extra floor coverings – remove small throw rugs (large area rugs are acceptable)

13. Clear kitchen counter tops (leave a maximum of only one appliance per counter top area)

14. Counter top microwave and toaster oven should be removed

15. Remove everything from the refrigerator front and sides (photos, magnets, kid's art, etc.)

16. Remove table coverings, but consider putting out place settings

17. Remove garbage and trash cans from sight

18. Remove all signs of pets (bowls, bedding, toys, etc.  )

19. Keep cat litter boxes clean with fresh litter and concealed, if possible.  

20. Confine the cat, if possible - during showings, avoid problems with potential buyers and allergies; for photography, cats love to get in the middle of a shot composition

21. Place toilet lids down

22. Clear bathroom countertops of all toiletries (leave only one floral arrangement or house plant)

23. Put out your best towels, folded and hung neatly

24. Remove items from shower - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. 25. Outside the home, remove trash cans, gardening tools, etc. from sight

26. Store children's and pet's yard toys out of sight

27. Neatly coil water hoses

28. Open patio umbrellas and set out patio furniture cushions (ensure they are clean)  

29. If in season, uncover grills, pools, spas, and hot tubs (ensure they are clean) 
30. Place dogs in the dog run or garage (if in dog run, the animal may need to be moved to the garage/spare room for some exterior photography)

31. Sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios, etc., clear of plant debris and leaves

32. Put garage doors down and remove vehicles from the driveway
*For the best high definition photography results, open and raise all window blinds, open all curtains and other window treatments to reveal exterior view (unless there is something outside a particular window that you don't want shown).  
ALL LIGHTS IN THE HOME NEED TO BE ON - Turn off all ceiling fans. 

Picture Perfect MLS, LLC are proud member of the Real Estate Photographers of America. In addition all of our contract photographers, go through a thorough national background check. Picture Perfect MLS, LLC is insured with a $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Policy.   

Picture Perfect MLS, LLC are proud member of the Real Estate Photographers of America. In addition all of our contract photographers, go through a thorough national background check. Picture Perfect MLS, LLC is insured with a $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Policy. 

Weather Notice

**If there is inclement weather, we will proceed with the photo shoot appointment, unless it is cancelled by the realtor or yourself. If appointment is cancelled after the photographer has arrived there will be a $35.00 return fee. Please give as much notice as you can for a cancelled appointment.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 1-888-280-0793, Monday - Friday 9am -5pm MST.

Picture Perfect MLS

In today's internet dominated marketing, photos are truly what sets you apart. Our goal is to deliver high quality images, ready for fast return on investment for our clients.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®  over 90% of potential buyers are looking at listings online before physically visiting a property. Almost as staggering, 88% of those buyers want to see professional, quality photos with each listing. Picture Perfect MLS can help you achieve this demand with affordable, quality photography.


Our Equipment

We use the highest quality equipment.

  • Canon 60d and 10-22mm wide lens

  • Lightroom/ Photoshop editing

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a software application designed to give the highest quality editing for stunning results.


Our Guarantee

With Picture Perfect MLS the photos are delivered to client 48 hours from the time of photo shoot and guaranteed* to be back to our client within 72 hours of the photo shoot, or your money back.

*Our money back "Guarantee" only applies to the client if it has been 72 hours from the time stamp of sent finished photos. It gives all parties the opportunity to resolve any issues.




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